Borusan ArGe About

Operating in a global competitive environment, Borusan Holding aims to increase production and product quality to the level of advanced technology and make a difference against its competitors. Accordingly, the company conducts R&D activities in order to develop high technology products, raise process steps to the level of Industry 4.0 and digitize its processes. It transforms any outputs derived from R&D projects to added value and can take measures to protect its intellectual property rights.

With this vision, Borusan ArGe, which was established in May 2015, first completed the companies' quality and competence analyses using a special methodology it developed. It performed R&D process analyses and devised technology road maps consistent with the strategic plan. Depending on technology road maps, it designed a great deal of projects that will ensure achieving the specified goals.

Borusan ArGe launched a number of projects aimed at developing advanced materials and processes within its scope of digitization, Industry 4.0, product development and design-based competencies. Work on more than 100 projects started over the last two years is well under way. In terms of project diversity, the projects cover a wide range of sector-independent technologies and competences, including next generation steel development work,  anti-icing coatings for wind turbines, energy production forecasting, pricing algorithms for machinery for hire, annealing furnace models, turbo models for vehicles, route distribution optimization, coil sorting and scheduling optimization, dishwasher parts design, composite vehicle components design.

Borusan ArGe, within a matter of only 2 years, with more than 150 R&D employees working at 4 R&D Centers certified by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, strives to create added value and develop technologies of the future.

Competencies acquired at this point are development of 3D system and machinery designs,  conducting computer-aided analyses such as static, vibration, fatigue, collision, processing data, taking predictive and preventive actions and development of new next generation products on steel, Borusan's primary business.

The Borusan Group works for sustainable growth and aims to have a say in technologies that will dominate the future. In this framework, Borusan ArGe's function is to prepare the Borusan Group for the future. In line with this goal, in the case of carbon fiber composites, the material of the future, Borusan ArGe aims to be a key player in national and international arenas in the production of finished products, where added value is high in the sector.

In all our R&D activities, utmost priority is given to flexible and solution-based perspective, participation, sustainability, ethical values, co-operation and appreciation of individuals.